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Robotic quality inspection cell

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Official integrator of the ABB FlexInspect robotic quality inspection cell

Guarantee in metrology, revolution in production

3D white-light scanning sensor technologies, using digital scans to optimize inspection and quality assurance in manufacturing. These sensors can detect defects on a manufactured part with an extremely high level of accuracy. This ground breaking technology made precise, automated turnkey inspection and quality-control systems possible for the automotive, aerospace and other sectors such as metals and plastics.

​​The technology represents the future of flexible manufacturing, enabling a high level of automation with advanced data analysis that can be used to optimize production processes.

"As our customers’ automation processes become more advanced and production cycles shorten, the ability to efficiently automate quality inspections becomes a compelling competitive advantage,” said Sami Atiya, President of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division. “Combining robotics and software is pivotal in implementing digitalization and expanding ABB Ability as a key driver of our Next Level strategy.”

ABB has already successfully introduced this fully robotized state-of-the-art automatic quality inspection solution for off- and in-line inspection using NUB3D’s 3D white-light sensors marketed under the name FlexInspect.


FlexInspect is a new generation of standardized measuring cells, which are designed to deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art robotic 3d measuring operations. All cells deliver maximum performance whilst making optimum use of available space.


The FlexInspect turnkey solution is the ultimate answer for industries looking for a fast ROI while reaching 100% quality control with a productivity ramp up, and operative costs reduction.

At the premises of Fixar a working demo model is displayed and can be viewed live. Contact us via telephone or email for more information.

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