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Our team of experienced engineers designs and develops solutions in a 3D CAD environment where cost efficiency,  maintenance and operator friendliness and accuracy are only a grasp of their attention points.


From concept till final design, from small fixtures till full automated solutions:

We bring creative solutions according to your specific requirements.




By outsourcing the production of parts to our global supplier network we make sure we can anticipate every need of our designs and customer requirements. At all times, the quality and cost efficiency comes first. Our project engineers follow up the production closely to make sure all orders are delivered on time.


Each of our suppliers are carefully selected after passing a series of tests which check the quality of materials, the achievement of strict tolerances, the speed of delivery and more.



​After an incoming quality check of the different sub parts and components, your project will be fully assembled at our premises in Beringen, Belgium.

MECHANICS                    -                   ELECTRICITY                -                 PNEUMATICS                 -                 PROGRAMMATION

Testing & Verification
Each fixture, machine or complete production line can/will be tested and verified at our plant.

  • Simulation of production runs

  • 3D measurement reports

FiXar owns coordinate measuring machines that allows easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more.



Commissioing: Installation / Service / Maintenance
Fully assembled and tested equipment will be released for transport.
After delivery FiXar provides on-site support regarding the insta
llation, the training of operators and the integration in the production.

According to made
agreements, FiXar also provides a maintenance service for its machines. (Hardware and Software)




Testing & Verification


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