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Robot Stations

Robots are the standard for each efficient automated production process in the industry 4.0

Some advantages:

  • Higher cycle times

  • More quality

  • Less mistakes

  • Less operator risk and injuries

FiXar is able to provide you a complete solution for every need. We can implement your preferred robot and/or cobot type according to your needs.  Our engineering experts are here for you for and your robot application going from only the design and manufacturing of a custom robot head or tool till the complete cell and automation of a production process.


Quality, safety, cost and timing are the key words in each process.

AUDI Q8 E-tron
Automatic Stitching Assembly of Heatlayer

FIAT 500
Automatic Greasing of Roof Rail

Volvo XC60
Tightening of Metal Screw in Plastic Covers

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