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Manipulators ease the workload of every operator in the production area.

FiXar is the ideal engineering partner to support you in the development of your customised manipulator.

The integration of manipulators can be done in the production line or completely separate from the everyday use.

Get in touch with us with your requirements and our sales and engineering team will find a solution for you!

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Ergonomics is a vital key word for all of us. Heavy lifting operations by operators on the work floor belong to the past.


FiXar has taken its time to think about the best possible solutions for this interesting development and has come with a custom and innovative solution: The FiXarm.

Our team of engineers has designed an ergonomic solution for weightless lifting of tools, products and other equipment. By smart use of gas springs and engineering talents the FiXarm keeps the tool in its position in a 360 degrees environment.

The FiXarm can be implemented as a stand alone unit or can be attached to a workstation, robotcell or other machine.

Different partners have put their trust in FiXar to develop their customised FiXarm to optimize their production process. Feel free to contact us with your ergonomic needs and we will find the solution together.

Flexible Aiding Arms
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